What should I do if I apply and pay for the CCXP and it gets rejected?

If you meet the CXPA requirements and complete the application according to the given instructions, you will not face any difficulties. If for some reason your application gets rejected, you got up to 6 months to adjust it and resubmit it. Once it’s approved you can give the exam at any certified exam center.

Can I get a refund if I can't attend the workshop for some reason?

If you cannot attend, a colleague can take your place as long as you inform us at least 2 days before the workshop.

Can I attend the third day of preparation without sitting for the exam?

Of course you can! Don’t miss your chance to prepare for the exam and receive tips from one the best CX professional globally.

How long does the third day lasts?

The exam preparation lasts until noon of the third day.

I'm interested in Ian Golding's book but I did not order it online. Can I buy it during the CX Masterclass?

Of course! There will be signed copies that you can buy during the workshop.