The CX Masterclass workshop is designed by the Global Customer Experience specialist, Ian Golding. It is a workshop for only 25 people, in order for it to be practical, applicable, and interactive.

During the two day workshop you will be introduced to all the necessary tools and skills you need as a CX professional, in order to obtain clear and achievable next steps.


What will you receive before the CX Masterclass?

A few days before the masterclass we will email you:

-Everything you ‘ll need to know regarding the Workshop

-A concise questionnaire that will help us figure out your current understanding of customer experience


Which topics will we cover?

– CX strategy and brand proposition

– The role of employees in delivering the strategy

– Customer journey mapping

– CX measurement (VOC, VOE and VOP)

– CX culture


To whom is the workshop addressed?

Whether you are new to the world of Customer Experience, or you are experienced and want to discover the best global case practices and learn the newest tools, techniques and methodologies, CX Masterclass is your go to Workshop!

How does someone with no experience regarding CX benefit? 

– You will get an initial and in depth understanding of the world of Customer Experience, from one of the best CX practitioners in the world
– You will get a holistic perspective of CX, as we will analyze all 6 core CX pillars
– You will learn all the latest best practices and tools, which you can use as of the next day

How does someone with CX experience benefit?
– You will structure all the necessary knowledge
– You will learn new methodologies and tools
– You will get to know the best practices existing worldwide, which you can use as of the next day
– You will learn from one of the best CX practitioners in the world


Which are the learning outcomes?

Our goal is that when CX Masterclass ends:

– You will have a holistic and an in depth understanding of Customer Experience
– You will have received practical examples that you can use or adjust based on your reality
– You will have understood the latest Customer Experience methodologies, tools and techniques, and learn how to apply them to your business
– You will have the ability to create a practical and realistic action plan