The CCXP Exam Preparation Workshop is for ambitious professionals who want to get the best possible preparation for the accreditation of the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) in just one day. By participating in this workshop, you increase your chances of passing the exam and you have the opportunity to get answers to your questions by Ian Golding, the first person to whom CXPA allowed to do the CCXP Exam Preparation Workshop and who has been a mentor to many of CCXPs worldwide.

Having completed a thorough preparation and if you meet the criteria and you wish, you can take the exams at one of the test centers in Greece.


Who is eligible to sit for the exam?

– Owner of a bachelor’s degree + 3 years of full-time CX-specific work experience or

– Owner of a high school diploma + 5 years of full-time CX-specific work experience

You can check out your eligibility here.

Which is the exam process?

1. Application

Go to and submit your application. The review of your CXPA application will take up to 10 business days.

2. Payment

The cost of the CCXP exam is $495 for CXPA members and $645 for non-members. This fee is paid separately and directly to CXPA. You can find here all the necessary information regarding the cost of the exam.

3. CXPA approval

CXPA will evaluate your application and if any clarification questions are needed, they will contact you directly. When you receive your approval, you will be ready to sit for the exam any  day at one of the examination centers in Greece.

4. Examination

In case you wish to take the exams, you can check here which exam center serves you
best and book a time slot. The exam will be done on a computer.